About us

The management of Fabcot is highly professional having vast experience in their relevant fields of work.
We are a completely vertically integrated buying house dealing in the textile sector. We not only source from
Pakistan, but with the help of our immense network we can source all our products from
India, China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

What makes Fabcot stand above the competition are the custom-made services and solutions to cater for
sourcing needs of discerning buyers. Our customers are based in Pakistan, China, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,
Europe and USA. This is why Fabcot has secured a leading position in Asia’s major buying houses since its
inception in 1993 and has expanded to four offices with main office in Lahore and other offices in Karachi,
China and Bangladesh with a total of 80+ employees and a volume of above US$ 200 million per annum.

Mission Statment

To improve the economic well being and quality of life of all stakeholders.

Vision Statment

We envision to provide value added services in regards to sourcing, to make every business decision profitable for our valued stake holders.

CEO Message

"In today’s competitive business world our focus is to operate par excellence, aiming to deliver high quality to stay abreast with international standards. We strong believe that operational agility is most essential in order to keep up with the speed of change and need to pivot across all areas of business. Our clients come first; identifying their needs and wants is the driving force that pulls us towards our eagerness to deliver. As global citizens we aim to fulfill our vision by paving the way towards creating value for all our stakeholders."