greige & dyed yarns

100% Cotton Yarns in count range of NE 6 to NE 100 in Single Ply, Double Ply and Multi-Ply variety of blended
yarns with different man-made fibers in count range of NE 10 to NE 40.
Special yarns like compact spun, core spun stretch, jet spun, Spun Polyester (Dyed Yarn), mélanges, Linen + Blend (Cotton,
Rayon, Tencel, Polyester, Viscose, Modal), Remie + Blend (Cotton, Rayon, Acrylic), Hemp + (Cotton), Acrylic + Blends,
Modal, Viscose, Viscose MVS (Single Yarn), DTY & etc. Yarns are available in carded or combed for weaving or knitting
as per specific requirements.
We import yarns from India and China to Pakistan. Moreover, we sell Indian and Pakistani yarns to China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Korea and Europe.
we source yarns from Pakistani spinners for our local buyers like denim producers, knitters, weavers and home textile.