Global sourcing dynamics are always changing, and companies are faced with the challenge of importing goods
from the market overseas. Fabcot provides the knowledge and services that allow corporations to overcome
this challenge and achieve high success. Our team intimately understands the supplier’s country’s culture, purchasing practices,
machinery capabilities. Moreover, we follow a strict protocol when it comes to quality checks and logistics. Fabcot aligns itself with its customer’s procurement department and tailors to their specific needs.


We grasp the present worldwide necessities of material sourcing, so we
have a tendency to offer focused value while administering needed quality. Our
master group discovers generally suitable specialist as per our customer's


We keep ourselves mindful with the new developments and trends as well as
with materials. We take up tasks with your creative team and go hand in hand
in the conceptual work, product design and material selection. We keep
ourselves informed on supplier’s capabilities and craft feasible product
packages for our customers which could transform in real benefits for all stake holders.


Any item's cost relies on the fundamental components for its processing. We
are well aware of the face that today’s business is all about offering the best
costs while matching the needed quality for our customers. By picking up
information about the neighborhood crude material market, cost of
methodologies and examining suitable source, we furnish our customer with
the most focused costs.


With our merchant network spread crosswise over Pakistan, Bangladesh, India,
China, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, customer's necessities are matched with the right
source. We attempt to match the item with a suitable specialist hinging upon
their skill for a certain item. We arrange the ideal usage of the source offices,
making a right consolidation of worthy costs for both, outlet and customer,
while keeping the needed quality as adjusting apparatus.


We go about as the eyes and ears of our customers all through the item
assembling process. Our group of merchandisers and quality control officers
work as an inseparable unit with the specialist whatsoever phases of request
execution. We continue to manage both the customer and producer throughout
the process and keep the data flowing between both with the intention that no
astonish components erupt. From the start of manufacturing till the completed
tem, we guarantee that outlet is arranged with preproduction arrangements till
the end of the process while keeping the customer informed throughout. All
concerns are imparted to customers at the perfect opportunity to guarantee
auspicious choice making.


The fruitful accomplishment of value confirmation begins from the energetic
scrupulousness of each step incorporated into the technique, if it is completed
deductively. Our group investigates and evaluate the quality by supervising all
the minor and major items in industrial facilities. This perpetual field vicinity
helps us to continue examining everything through and through and directing
the producer when needed. Our quality control techniques incorporate on
location review, examination of in-line handling, and a pre-shipment last


We realize that in time conveyance hinges on upon the lapse free documentation
of the shipment. So to dodge any deferrals in appropriation, our marketing group
checks the reports and keeps a complete record. Additionally, we screen that the
documentation ought to be transformed is absolutely as per the customer's